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How do I upload and edit photos?

If you are using desktop website:

After login, click your profile photo at the menu bar on the top and choose "Profile".

You can upload your photo in two ways. You can just click the square on the left side of your name

Or click "Photos"

Then drag and drop your photos in the grey area, or click to browse computer

If you want to edit your photo, please click your main photo

Then drag the red circle to zoom in/out the photo

You can click the rotation button to rotate your photo

Then click "Save" to save the change

If you are using iOS App:

After login, click the photo icon on the bottom right

Click "Edit gallery" to go to your photo gallery

You can click the plus button to upload photo

You can click  button to browse phone photo gallery,  Or click the button take a photo from carema

If you want to change your main photo, you can click your main photo to change it, or click the photo which you want to change to set it as the main photo

If you want to delete the photo, you can click "delete"

If you are using a mobile or tablet device which is not ios 8 (or higher) and android 5, you will not be able to upload your photos. This is a restriction of your device. However, you can still edit your photos on mobile devices. We recommend that you use a laptop, desktop computer or download our app to upload your photos. 

Photo size can not exceed 10MB, jpeg or jpg picture format works best.

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